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न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्धते । तत्स्वंय योगसंसिद्ध: कालेनात्मनि विंदति ।।
              “Fear arises from ignorance, Knowledge is power”

Egurucool Courses

  • The Regular /Foundation Class Room Programme

    Courses and Subjects Offered
    Junior Foundation :
    For CBSE VII, VIII : Mathematics, Science, English, S.St, Hindi, Sanskrit, Reasoning, Functional competitive English.
    For CBSE IX, X : Mathematics, Science, English, S.St, Hindi/Sanskrit, Reasoning, Functional competitive English.

    Senior Foundation :
    For CBSE XI, XII & I.Sc. (Science) (Foundation NEET/JEE): Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology & English.

    The objective of regular classroom programme is to help students acquire The knowledge base and applications skills that can catapult their performance in the respective school exam. and the board exams.
  • Intensive Crash Course Programme

    The objective of the two months intensive classroom programme is to provide the students with very focused learning and testing inputs which can boost their confidence, finally leading to significantly improved performance in the respective exams.
    Structure of Courses
    • The total duration of the course is 10 to 20 months.
    • Each of the courses has a well planned curriculum.
    • The course plan supplements the schedule following in most schools.
    • It covers the entire syllabus prescribed by the CBSE / I.Sc. Board.
    • All the important and relevant theories, concept and their applications will be covered in full for each chapter. This will be followed by regular assignments and tests.

    To provide students with thorough testing under simulated conditions, using a scientific and analytical approach to enhance performance in the Exams, Egurucool has scientifically designed a comprehensive Test series that is guaranteed to enhance the performance of each and every student.

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